• United Filters Poly Pleated Cartridge 0.35 micron

Series PP polypropylene cartridges are designed for residential, commercial, and industrial filtration applications. Constructed

of durable, chemical resistant polypropylene media, they can be employed on many acids, alkalies, plating solutions, water

remediation, and saline solutions. The cartridge filters employ a five (5) layered, high porosity “Bi-Component” polypropylene

media consisting of both spun bonded and melt blown polypropylene layers laminated together by ultrasonic sealing in order

to provide depth filtration to the media.


• LOWER clean initial pressure drops

• MORE uniform filtration and overall enhanced cartridge performance

• HIGH particulate reduction efficiencies up to 95%

• OPERATE at HIGHER velocities and flow rates

• GREATER degree of depth filtration

• ADDED loading capabilities

United Filters Poly Pleated Cartridge 0.35 micron

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