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Drinking Fountain

Model: RM33GF
The RM33GF - Free standing inline bubbler is stylish enough for public areas such as schools, gyms,  and offices but tough enough for the harsh conditions of factories, construction and mining sites. The RM Series water cooler cabinets are made of rota-moulded, pigmented polyethylene. This U.V...
Model: TAP-D17
Tap for Bubbler is available with or without stem.Please specify which one you require when ordering...
Kitset for Inline Cooler Installation, includes the following items:OKDF30/1 inline filter, DC: dual clip for securing inline cartridgeSV5: Plumbers Delight Take-off Valve (1/2" BSP)PRV: Pressure Reducing Valve A4HVUC4: Hand valve Union connector - 1/4" X 1/4"2 metres of 1/4" tubing. ..
Model: SP-RM-CM-25
This is the internal Refrigeration chassis unit for RM30/33 Bubbler. If you have a Bubbler Body and tap that is still OK but just need to replace the internal workings then this can be fitted inside...
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