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Town Water

Municipal water is cleaned and filtered to a level compliant with the NZ drinking water standards. However, contamination can still occur. Certain contaminants are not considered to be a human health issues so are not removed at all; other contaminants may enter our water supply via cracks and breaks in the water delivery infrastructure. For this reason, many home owners have invested in a water filtration system as a final barrier for their home. Also, whilst chlorine is a good disinfectant in town water, it can also make water smell and taste bad and can contribute to eye and skin irritations. Adding a whole-house solution or a single point-of-use filter to improve the quality of your drinking water is good sense for your own health, your family and visitors.

Brand: Pentair Model: 10BWH-TWIN(KDF)
Assembled Whole House Filter System for Town Water Supply.Made up of 2 x 10BWH with Stainless Steel Bracket, Ball  Valve , and Spanner.Cartridges: 10BDGD (Dual Grade 25-to-1 micron Polyspun Sediment filter & 10BKDF-GAC ..
Brand: Pentair Model: 10BWH-TRIPLE(KDF)
Our triple whole house  water filtration system is  manufactured by Pentair, a global company known for being the quality choice for water treatment professionals due to their strong, reliable brands and product lines. The whole house  system has a flow rate of 40 to 50 lpm and is ins..
Model: 10TRICOM(KDF)
Pre-assembled system with 3x 10" jumbo filter housings, ball value, bracket, spanner. 10TRICOM (KDF FOR TOWN)..
Brand: Pentair Model: 20BWH-TWIN(KDF)
Assembled Whole House Filter System for Town Water Supply.Made up of 2 x 20BWH with Stainless Steel Bracket, Ball Valve, and Spanner.Cartridges: 20BDGD-PA & 20BKDF-GAC ..
Model: 20TRICOM(KDF)
Pre-assembled system with 3x 20" jumbo filter housings, ball valve, bracket, spanner. 20TRICOM (KDF FOR TOWN)...
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