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Take-off Valves

Brand: Easywell Model: DWTO3/4
Dish Washer Take Off-Capped - 20mm MF w/1/4" BSPQuick-fit connector illustrated is included..
Brand: Easywell Model: DWTOBV3/4
DWTO-BV3/4 - Dish-Washer Take-Off valve  is used  for installations with 20mm (¾") MF connection with 1/4" BSP.It is deally suited for kitchens with a dishwasher supply tap. ..
Brand: Easywell Model: SV5 (PD)
The SV5  - Plumbers Delight take off valve   is used  for installations with 15mm (½") BSP connections.It is deally suited for flexihose fittings.  ..
Model: SV6 (G)
SV6 -  “G” Clamp saddle valve easy fit self-piercing tapping valve.It is ideally suited to plastic/polybutylene style pipes up to 15mm (prevents collapsing the pipe). No need to turn the water off.  ..
Brand: Easywell Model: SV3
SV3 - Parallel saddle valve  easy fit self-piercing tapping valve. It fits 10mm through to 25mm copper, galvanised or iron pipe. Back plate is reversible. ..
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