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Megahome Stainless Steel Distiller- Now comes with a Glass Jug

Megahome Stainless Steel Distiller- Now comes with a Glass Jug
Megahome Stainless Steel Distiller- Now comes with a Glass Jug

The human adult  body is made up of roughly 60-70% water and we lose water through perspiration and going to the bathroom. For a healthy balanced body this water must be replaced.

Distilled water is water in its purest form, it contains nothing. The process of water distillation is simple; water is brought to a boil and converted to steam. The steam flows through cooling tubes and condenses back into pure water. This is different than simply filtering water in that this process removes all potentially harmful organisms and chemicals. 

The Megahome  stainless steel distiller produces per cycle  4 litres of pure and high quality water.  

It takes between 5 and 6 hours to turn town supply, tank or bore water into 4 litres of drinking water at its pure best.


  • It is safe, and it has an auto power off system
  • Easy to maintain and easy to clean
  • No installation required, easy to operate  and does not  take  a lot of space
  • It can produce 100% pure distilled water anywhere and anytime

Made in Taiwan by Megahome 20 years of proven reliability

Water Distillers boil the water and cool the pure steam back to pure water Just like nature does. The result is pure water with no chemicals, metals fluoride, or bacteria - just pure water. It takes 5-6 hours to turn the tank, well, town water into pure drinking water

The boiling chamber, internal lid, and cooling coils are all stainless steel. The carbon filter holder has a ceramic inner, and all new models now come standard with a glass collection container so the water never touches plastic

  • AC 230V/50Hz 550W (Conforms to NZ Electrical Standards)
  • Weight 3.5 kgs
  • Dimensions – H350mm x 200mmw
  • Capacity 4 litres
  • Makes up to 16 litres a dayThe average cost for distilled water per litre is $0.22cents
  • Sold in NZ for over 20 years with great performance and reliability.
  • Made In Taiwan

The Filter bags and Cleaner should last approximately 5-6 months depending on usage.

Benefits and Features:

  • Produces up to 16  litres a day
  • Easy to operate and easy to clean
  • Porcelain insert nozzle
  • No installation required, other than attaching handle to glass jug
  • Countertop space-saving design, mobile, durable.
  • Built-in automatic thermostatic temperature control sensor that switches off the distiller when the process is finished.
  • All Stainless steel inner chamber
  • Activated carbon pouches for fresh-tasting, odourless drinking water.
  • For most practical purposes, distilled water is considered pure enough for various applications, including laboratory use, vets, medical procedures, and for use in making colloidal silver.

What's Included

  • Megahome Distiller
  • Glass Water Jug
  • One Bottle of Distiller Cleaner
  • One Packet of 6 Distiller Filters

Warranty: 1 year