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We offer comprehensive water treatment services, including expert water treatment plant design and innovative wastewater design solutions.

What is commercial water treatment? 

Commercial water treatment involves purifying large volumes of water at high flow rates, with the choice of filters and technologies dependent on the desired level of water purity. These systems boast high capacity and can effectively eliminate a range of contaminants including chlorine, fluorides, nitrates, iron, rust, manganese, sediment, silicate, microbes, and organics. In rural areas, improving water quality is essential for ensuring safe drinking water, particularly for vulnerable populations like children or those with compromised immune systems. Professional purification methods are employed to safely remove germs and viruses that could cause infections.

Ultraviolet disinfection is one such method used to eradicate bacterial microorganisms such as E. coli, Giardia, Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, and viruses from the water. 

Why choose us?

We provide a large range of water filtration options to ensure your domestic, agricultural or commercial water supply is of the highest standard.

  • We conduct water tests and provide systems to meet NZ's Drinking water standards
  • Free Site consultations and free no obligation quotes

We keep things as simple as possible

Step 1: Initial consultation

We start with a no-obligation meeting to understand your needs, explore available options, draft an initial design, and present a proposal for the solution we recommend.

Step 2: Project delivery

After your review, we handle the entire project delivery process, managing everything from procurement of equipment to engaging subcontractors. We thoroughly test and commission the system before handing it over to you.

Step 3: Ongoing support

We provide training for your on-site staff to manage day-to-day operations and offer continuous remote support through phone calls. Additionally, we schedule service visits to maintain optimal performance over time.

Collaborative Solutions with Local Water Treatment Specialists
We believe in building strong partnerships with local water treatment specialists to ensure comprehensive service for our clients. Through these collaborations, we provide the necessary equipment for installations and ongoing servicing. By leveraging the expertise of these specialists, we provide efficient and effective implementation of our solutions, along with reliable maintenance for sustained performance.